Shows for Adults "Five Variety Shows"

 “The Variety Show” is a vaudeville style show full of nostalgia. All that is required is a small space, and an audience. 

There are now 5 Variety Shows in rotation and as of Jan 2018, there have been 650 performances reaching approximately  52,000 people 


With intelligent and fun puppets, (Pandora and Prometheus) this one-man show becomes a multi-character, ever-changing performance featuring nostalgic routines, great jokes,, tales from Greek mythology, poetry - yes poetry, stories (of course)  and songs from the 1920’s, some original tunes, and unique elocutions.

This ain't your average nostalgic show. This show is delivered by a chap who is extremely passionate about theatre, the power of words and the delight of music.

Starting with The Variety Show One in 2010, it has now blossomed into five Variety Shows

Each one is different. I've added 'elocutions' theatrical bits, sight gags, props and wonderful sound effects. This show is unlike anything else out there!

Pandora and Prometheus are still the hit of each show with their clever routines and rapport with the audience. (Both like to mingle with the audience, it is truly something to see).

Open the Box with Pandora's Sox! 

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