Scripts Wanted

I don't consider myself a playwright.

If you are an emerging playwright, let's talk! I am particularly interested in local history.

Yes I have created 3 shows for children. One is based on a story, not my own: "Pandora's Box-The Puppet Show".

"Everything's Tickety-Boo" is my own so in that regard I can say yes I have written a children's tale

and "Puppets and Songs" is part workshop, part original children's songs and a few skits...written by the puppets really.

The 5 Variety Shows for seniors combine some original material with some old standbys and songs, not my own.

"The Convenience Store" is a one-act play about a time when I worked at Mike's Mart.

"Repentance" is a play about a Guelph resident, William Harvey. The Harvey murders is a well known piece of Guelph history from the late 1800's.

"The Elocutionist" is a collection of stories and poems NOT written by me.

"Guelph In Postcards" is a series of historical vignettes and local stories from the time of John McCrae 1872-1918. This show makes its debut July 2017.