Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Elocutioner. A one man show featuring Jay Wilson.

Some short video samples as I prepare for
The Elocutioner
A one-man show

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Armour Heights Library Puppets and Songs.

Want to see "Puppets and Songs"?
Lionel, Petunia, Pandora and Prometheus will perform a variety of terrific skits, live on stage at the Armour Heights Library 2140 Avenue Road, 
Thurs Aug 25 at 2:00pm Click HERE for details.

Theatre or Puppets?

Puppet shows:   
Live theatre:

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Ottawa Tour Puppets Up International Puppet Festival Feedback

Prometheus makes a friend
In preparation for the August 2017 tour of Ottawa area senior's residences, I asked the Activity Directors to give me some feedback concerning how their residents reacted to The Variety Show Two-Puppets Up Edition.

Here are some responses:

I have had nothing but positive feedback from all of the residents who attended your show. They absolutely loved it. We would love to have you come back again!!
Take care,
Jessica Dube
Recreation Manager

The Ravines Seniors Suites Alavida

Hi Jay,
I have had lots of very positive feed back from the residents of Stonehaven about your amazing program. It was a big hit and something unique to our home. I have been asked to definitely invite you back when you are planning your next tour of the Ottawa area.
Many thanks and I trust you will fit us in to your schedule when you plan your schedule for 2017.
Best regards,
Kathryn Witney 
Lifestyle Program Manager
Stonehaven Chartwell

Thanks Jay,
Our seniors thoroughly enjoyed Jay's lively performance of Pandora's Sox
We look forward to Jay's return with the adorable puppets next year
Helen Adams
Activities Manager
Riverpark Place Retirement Residence

We loved the show and we would like to book for next year please!!
Tamara El-Farr
Director of Recreation
Revera – Prince of Wales
22 Barnstone Drive. Nepean, ON, K2G 2P9

..and we'd love to welcome you back again next year if you are in the area...  We haven't had a puppet show in years (or maybe ever!), so it was an entertaining, refreshing change to our recreation calendar.  Many thanks for contacting us, and we'll look forward to hearing from you again next year.

Cindy & your friends at Starwood

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Jay Wilson

My business card. Please ask for one.
It is time to implement a shameless self promotion campaign. My product? ME. It is just getting too difficult to market all the various entertainment  I have to offer.

5 vaudeville style shows for older adults

2 puppet shows for children




Custom songs and stories

and now a brand new one-man show "The Elocutioner"

People often ask 'what do you do?' and I have a difficult time answering them.

"Describe Pandora's Sox"

"It is a puppet company I created to re-ignite my entertainment career. Now, however the puppets have taken a back seat to my life-long interest in live theatre for adults. We're seeing that in the evolution of the Variety Shows: more storytelling and poetry, less puppetry."

Knock knock. Who's there? Jay. Jay who?

With the release of my show "The Elocutioner" the Actor and Theatre Director in me has stepped to the forefront. And I get to play with sets and costumes and lighting and sound effects!

When someone asks for my business card, I have, up until now, not had anything to give them. How can I possibly mention everything I do in theatre arts on a small rectangle? That's why I am now going to call myself and what I do, by my name: Jay Wilson.

It feels yucky, very ego-centric. Difficult for me to do, shy as I am, but 'tis.
Jay Wilson
Ready to tell another story, right now!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Variety Show Five

Number Five! Wow! A show for older adults.

When I launched the Variety Show One I never in my wildest dreams imagined there would be a VS Five.

So what can you look forward to in VS Five?

Well Prometheus kicks things off with "Ticket To Morrow" an original piece that we previewed to rave reviews at the Evergreen Senior's Center Christmas Show 2015. You can see it HERE.

I am very excited about the new songs I've learned for this show. "Ain't Misbehavin'" - Fats Waller 1929, "All of Me" - Gerald Marks and Seymour Simons (Ruth Etting) 1931, "What A Wonderful World" - Bob Thiele and George David Weiss (Loius Armstrong) 1967,  and "Mr. Bojangles" - Jerry Jeff Walker 1968 (tribute to Bill Robinson)

Pandora has worked up a litany of one-liners.

And finally I let go with some outstanding elocutions, "Television" by Roald Dahl and "Nightmare" - W.S. Gilbert.

"Nightmare" is a truncated version of the delightful patter song from Gilbert and Sullivan's Iolanthe.

I look forward to performing this show for you and your friends! On with the show!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

"Puppets and Songs" A variety show for children

"Puppets and Songs" is an all ages variety show. Since it's inception this show has undergone a number of transformations.

Now with more characters!

Lionel a very friendly lion. 

Valerie, a simple marionette who doesn't say a word, but loves to assist with puppet warm up exercises. 
Boo, named by audience members, this ghost is sure to please. 
Pandora and Prometheus, fun characters from Greek mythology, who tell silly jokes and deliver clever routines. 

And finally Petunia, a skunk with an interesting history and a very special tail.

This is part puppet show,  part puppet workshop, with a few original songs and some poetry thrown in for good measure.

"Puppets and Songs" is the perfect show for festivals and fairs because it is a variety show. You can come in late and you won't have missed the story.

This show has been pleasing audiences all over Ontario. 

Don't delay. Book today!

Lionel. He loves hugs